Throwing Thieves Off Using Diversion Can Safe Products

Most incidents of theft are crimes of opportunity. Burglars wait until a house is empty, or try entry doors in case any is unlocked. Or the thief could be a houseguest or neighbor, the nanny or housekeeper, a workmate or roommate. They might take in puny amounts, so that you keep interacting with them, having no clue you are being robbed the whole time. With a diversionary can safe, you can retaliate by dealing with theft under thieves’ noses as well.

The fact is that a home robber will not be carting your entertainment system or cooking range away. Robbers want nothing to slow them down and give them away, thus going for things they can hide and run away with instead. Likewise, a thieving acquaintance or employee will not come after anything bigger than cash or jewelry. Now, how will you protect something easy to filch and pocket if this, in fact, is a likely target of theft?

Diversion safes are portable storage containers intended for hiding small items of value in plain sight. These could be mundane grocery supplies, from a can of Dr. Pepper to a noodle soup, shaving cream, bathroom cleaner, or engine degreaser can. Or they might not resemble containers at all, like a wall socket, thermometer, closet light and stone.

Generally, these secret safes come with stealthily detachable tops and bottoms, which open to clandestine spaces for stashing money, jewels, credit cards, thumb drives and the like. Plus, they are weighted for effect. In case the help lifts one up while cleaning, it would not rouse suspicion, anyway.

Help the deception along by situating your hidden safes where they are supposed to be. A Lysol bathroom cleaner spray diversion safe would be suspect on a night table in the bedroom, or a Coffee Mate creamer diversion safe in a TV cabinet drawer. Food stash safes must go the pantry, book safes to the bookcase, and so forth.

While thieves rifle through closets and sock drawers, your valuables are secure inside a carpet cleaner or peanut butter can safe. Your secret is safe.